Leipzig by Teyata
Client: Teyata
Tags: Album Art

Teyata is a classical guitar duo with wich I have worked in different occasions. For their Leipzig album I illustrated the idea of listening to music all alone doing nothing but that. Therefore the chair standing on top of the round shaped rock, surrounded by strange nature and colors. 

We also created a booklet with the partitures for every song, and made an illustration for each, preserving a white background with drawings made of ink on rice paper. 

Versa by Teyata
Client: Teyata
Tags: Album Art

In the artwork for Teyata’s first Album there is a visual recreation of the recording process, that I was lucky to attend. I was completely quiet while the musicians were playing one of the themes titled “empty swimming pool”. Lying on a couch I realized there were a bunch of origami cranes pending from the ceiling, and with this combination of feelings and ideas I came up with Teyata’s Versa Album Art. A bunch of magical origami cranes that fly up from the bottom of an empty swimming pool to the top of a mountain.